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personalized shopping bags

Are you looking for something individual, something on the basis of which people will be able to identify you immediately? Stand out with your own line of bags. Make yourself known. We can handle not only production, but also design proposal.


1st proposal


Based on your requirements, we will prepare a sketch of the future bag. In this step, we will determine its material composition, dimensions, color design, expected graphic motif, etc.

2. visualization

We will prepare a visualization, thanks to which you will be able to better imagine the real form of the shopping bag. The visualization contains all the details, such as stitching or e.g. connection solutions.

3. production


After the visualization is approved, we will order the production of bags from our suppliers. Delivery time to you for operation is 60-100 days.


Slovak Republic:

JFK Distribution s.r.o.

Gorazdova 12, 949 01 Nitra

ID: 44716931

VAT number: SK2022805158

Czech Republic:

JFK Distribution s.r.o.

In the valley 1515/1b, Michle
101 00 Prague 10
ID: 02559773
VAT number: CZ02559773

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